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9 03, 2010

Bintan Island

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Bintan island is the biggest island in the newly formed Riau Archipelago Province, where the capital, Tanjung Pinang (N 000.54.082-E 104.27.827) is located. The island is located around 50 miles south east of Singapore. The island lives on the inter-islands trading, some bauxite mining and tourism. The north part of the island known as Lagoi is reserved [...]

8 03, 2010


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I am privileged to be invited to this event at the very last moment, because this rather unique event would no longer be made available, due to financial consideration. The idea basically is giving foods at subsidized price to those who do not have the luxury of life to buy in restaurants. This Bikbus activity is [...]

25 02, 2010

Oud Batavia

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In my opinion, there are no reasons in the world that can be used, let alone justified, for demolishing old historical buildings and it was simply a historic crime to demolish old historical buildings. However sadly, it is still happening everywhere in the world, especially in Indonesia. There are nevertheless a few old historical buildings left and [...]